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  • The Music Box

    The Music Box


    and THEN the piano fell!

    First half was amusing and when they got to the house it became full-on laugh-out-loud funny. Stupid humor is always gonna hit, both in the 1930s and 2019.

  • Someone Great

    Someone Great


    Someone Great is, in its essence, a film about women supporting women. The characters had amazing chemistry and the storyline, while simple, showed women finding themselves in a moment where everything about their lives is changing. They take strength from their friendships and learn to take that leap of faith - whether it is telling someone they love them or moving for a job opportunity.

    I loved the music and the feminist and queer elements of this story. This was…

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  • Scooby-Doo



    Scavenger Hunt 46 || January 2019 (4/31)
    ↳ Task #15: Something with SCHLOCK

    "I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling sons of bitches!" So yes this was trash but I enjoyed it. It had all of the classic Scooby-Doo elements with some adult jokes and a ton of stupid stuff you can't help but laugh at. So what if the plot doesn't make sense? Oh, and the villain is frickin baller.

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Scavenger Hunt 46 || January 2019 (2/31)
    ↳ Task #21: Something CAGEY [starring Nicholas Cage]

    The superhero film we deserved... Into the Spider-Verse is brilliant from a visual point of view - modern but with elements of a classic comic book aesthetic. It is definitely a film of our times though with modern hip-hop music and humor that is defined by our generation. Miles Morales (yes to diverse characters!) meets other Spider-people and from this comes funniness and a clash…