Brazil ★★★★

Brazil is set in a dystopian world with a bureaucratic government that essentially has it's head well up its arse when it comes to procedure. There is parperwork for paperwork and then there is paperwork for that paperwork. To obtain information and clarity you have to go through the proper channels but all the channels lead into each other creating an inefficient and convoluted system for the people, resulting in its overbearing nature. It's a government with no evil face but just full of officals following regulation which has created a systematic problem not allowing for empathy and subversion.

Enter Sam Lowry, a government stooge who loves to dream and learns to feel empathy as his dreams and reality blends leading to him going against the system. With Gilliam behind the camera, you now have a surreal, bizarre and extraordinary world with an Orwellian narrative.
I found the middle of the film dragged for me but the film really stepped it up as the third act came. From the moment we meet Sam, it's clear he wants to escape and become the hero of his own story. Looking back and without spoiling anything, there is no other place Sam could've ended up.

Brazil is a film with a bit of everything. As it blends many different genres, all these moving parts just come together with enough chatic energy to make the film work overall. It's comedically dark tone is sold by great performances and Gilliam's attention to detail. De Niro is hardly in the movie but absolutely steals every scene he is in.

Rich with symbolism, I'm looking forward to a rewatch to pick up on all the little details.

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