Coffee and Cigarettes ★★★½

Here it’s like Jarmusch has released an 11 track album aptly titled Coffee & Cigarettes.

Like most albums, some songs are better than others and that’s very much the case when it comes to these different segments. The highs are very high. My three favourite segments are easily Cousins?, Cousins and Delirium. All feature well known actors with good screen presence but they also say something about celebrity lifestyle and ego, the Molina and Coogan one especially. I found these vignettes to be the funniest and most human in a way. 

The lows aren’t bad but next to the highs they don’t seem as memorable. Some of them fall off track and become slightly tedious. They might work as a short film but connected to a bigger piece, it doesn’t quite gel together in the same way. It’s energy is that of a smoke or coffee break, just like some breaks are mundane whilst others memorable.

I had a good time with this movie and it’s definitely required viewing for Jarmusch fans. I just wish smoking cigarettes in real life was as cool as the movies make it look.

Are you a bug, Bill Murray?

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