Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

Whilst being a product of its time, Sunset Boulevard is very much a timeless picture.

Sunset Boulevard is simply movie magic and positively genius. The immensely dense script is flawless, full of brilliant dialogue and poignant themes. So much is said and it all falls under this universal and relatable theme of the dangers of opportunism. I honestly think I am going to find something new in this film every time I watch it.

It's just so well crafted. From Wilder's superb direction to the perfect performances. The cast from top to bottom is sublime and the characterisation is next level. Joe, Norma, Betty and Max are all products of Hollywood and all are trying to grab onto something in one way or another.

For the first half an hour, in the back of my mind I was thinking, 'it's great but nothing is wowing me.' However, once it revealed itself and fully hit me. It floored me like a ton of bricks. The final scene is absolutely chilling as the film's themes summise as a whole.

'A Hollywood Story.'
And a phenomenal one at that.
It may be the best one in fact.

I cannot wait to rewatch this.

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