The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

The Devil All the Time is a grim and brutal tale of legacy, coincidence and abuse that spans across generations. It actually quite suprised me with how satisfied I was with it when the credits came.

It's a methodical slow burn with multiple moving pieces. Towards the middle of the film, I thought it was just decent elevated by its stellar cast. But it wasn't until the third act came and all the pieces started to converge that I fully appreciated the journey I'd be on with the characters. Like I said the cast is superb and you can't go wrong with it. Pattinson and Holland share a terrific scene in a church that is dripping with tension. Even some of the supporting cast like Harry Melling really stood out to me. The performances are easily this film's biggest positive.

The script combined with Campos' tonally focused and consistent direction, tackles the swinging pendulum between right and wrong as it puts its characters in situations where a critical choice needs to be made that, ulitmately without their knowledge, flutters with affect and consequence.

The authour of the novel provides narration that feels like his own words taken right from the page. At times, it is just there to spoon feed exposition we wouldn't otherwise get to tell us how a character is feeling but its done so in a way that feels in tune to the story. Without it, the little nuances to characters wouldn't pack the same amount of punch. It can be an annoying device but most of the time I’d say it worked for me.

The Devil All the Time is defintely worth your time.

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