The Night House

The Night House ★★★½

The Night House is one of the better little horror films to come out in recent time.

Rebecca Hall is phenomenal here as she easily carries the film on her back. Her portrayal of grief and confusion is magnetic and engaging enough to watch in it's own right. The script prioritises a strong focus on her character and letting the tension and scares organically come from her journey. This makes a horror film far more compelling and memorable over a film that forces a scare for the audience every ten minutes. There are jump scares but they are never overdone or overused. A lot of the scares come from brilliant use of negative space. It's awesome and seriously creepy.

The filmmakers do a great job at constantly keeping you guessing until the end of the film. The Night House doesn't spoon feed you as you are right with Beth as she slowly puts the pieces together. There are even a few things left open to interpretation which I loved. Bruckner does a great job of showing an outside perspective of Beth through her friends eyes as she deals with her grief. She is going through something very tough and then on top of that, she is seeing things. So naturally her friends are constantly worried about her because she becomes increasingly more manic but we as the audience know that there is something more sinister going on. It makes for a very engaging watch which all comes from Rebecca hall and her character on the page.

I think my main issue with The Night House is that I wanted a little more bite to it. I felt like there were a couple times where they could have made it really terrifying with the scares and soaked up a bit more of the potential. Also, I think the filmmakers had a few options with how to end the film and they took the safer route. It could've had a ambigious or really disturbing ending, which I would have preferred.

Nevertheless, The Night House is unlike the usual conveyor belt popcorn horror films we so often see and it definitely deserves your attention. Go check it out.

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