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  • Shrek Retold

    Shrek Retold


    In terms of entertainment and comedy, there's nothing else like it from 2018.

    Hilarious, terrifying, weird as fuck as well as some genuinely great animation here and there. 

    Not to mention, oddly touching. A perfect nutshell capsule of 2018. Makes me excited for creators to get together and make something as hilarious and weird as this 'film' , we live in exciting but gloomy times!!!

    The David Liebe Hart sequence made me laugh so hard I nearly threw up.


  • Shoplifters



    Classic Kore-eda. But also likely the most unique film he's made (next to the one about the plastic sex doll that comes alive).

    Japanese neo-realist cinema is very much alive. Think Tokyo Story crossed with a hell of a lot of inspiration from Bicycle Thieves and you've got something close to this.

    Performances are all PHENOMENAL. Not a single bad or mediocre performance, all of them are utterly standout, with Lily Franky and Kirin Kiki being specifically fantastic standouts.


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  • One More Time with Feeling

    One More Time with Feeling


    The September Movie Challenge!

    Film #3

    14. Go to your cinema and watch a movie: One More Time With Feeling

    I cried in the cinema. In front of a full house of people. Probably the first time I've done that. It was worth it.

    From it's raw emotion to it's unexpected comedy, to it's depiction of grief and depression as well as an incredible set of songs, a beautiful black and white visual style, it's ambitious and bewilderingly unique use…

  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    The fact that this and The Handmaiden hasn't won or been nominated for any major western awards proves that 2017 is gonna fucking suck