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  • The Great Hack

    The Great Hack


    This felt like an episode right out of Black Mirror... except we don't have the comfort of calling it fiction.

  • Arachnophobia



    At one moment in Arachnophobia a spider crawls on the shovel Jeff Daniels is holding and he screams and throws the shovel across the room. I've never related to a character more than this moment.

  • Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

    Game of Thrones: The Last Watch


    I've got an obsession with watching behind-the-scenes documentaries. If this were 40 hours long I'd watch every second

  • Christopher Robin

    Christopher Robin


    People who dislike this movie are Woozles.

  • 77 Steps

    77 Steps


    first person to watch this on letterboxd

    yay I guess

  • Dear Basketball

    Dear Basketball


    This was just awesome. I could really feel Kobe's love for the game. Every basketball fan should watch this asap. And of course it has beautiful score by the maestro John Williams, who apparently is good friends with Kobe, which is just really funny to me for some reason.

    "Love you always, Kobe"

  • The Haunting of Hill House

    The Haunting of Hill House


    I spy with my little eye... a TERRIFYING GHOST HIDDEN IN THE BACKGROUND

  • 1941



    This movie started out as a parody of Jaws. I wish it had stayed that way.

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    poor Nancy Wheeler. first the demogorgon, and now paintings that come alive and kill people

  • The Star Wars Holiday Special

    The Star Wars Holiday Special


    So this is it. The infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Before embarking on this rollercoaster ride, I had heard numerous accounts from avid Star Wars fans decrying it as "the worst contribution ever made to the expanded universe." I was originally skeptical of these claims, until I read that George Lucas himself allegedly said that he'd smash every copy with a sledgehammer if possible. Lucas is well known for his intractable defense of his authorial vision, which surely accounts for…

  • Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

    Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia


    I love this man.

  • Pariah



    This film packs more emotional punch in 86 minutes than most melodramas do in 2 hours. I had my doubts upon hearing it drew comparisons to Moonlight, (or rather, Moonlight drew comparisons to Pariah), but upon viewing it I am more than pleasantly surprised. If Pariah were a drug, I’d inject it right into my bloodstream. Outstanding job by Dee Rees and company. Mudbound here I come.