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  • What Time Is It There?
  • Floating Weeds
  • Ratatouille
  • Yi Yi

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  • The Great Race


  • Leave Her to Heaven


  • Dark Phoenix


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  • The Great Race

    The Great Race


    The props and sets are fantastic for a comedy of it’s time, but they kind of forget about the race by the film’s mid-point. If I didn’t know better I’d say the script was heavily influenced by which sets they already had available on the studio’s lot.

    The initial set up is extremely messy for about 30mins but it’s very enjoyable once it gets going

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars


    I really like the costume redesigns for central characters in this movie, and would have liked to have seen some of these designs in live action. Overall I don’t think it’s a satisfying story if you judge it as a stand-alone movie. It functions as a springboard to the tv show, which is less distracting if you know it before watching

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