Tenet ★★★★½

This one put the old brain into overdrive, inspiring one of the most visceral dreams I think I’ve ever had involving a complex scheme using time inversion to cover up a murder (unfortunately foiled when the loose end we were trying to tie up escaped from the car crash my team and I had engineered). When I woke up, I felt an Inception-like panic to return to the dream and attempt the operation again.

Exhilarating stuff. 

Like my dream, not everything in the film makes sense (even after hours of post-screening research), but Nolan should be commended for pushing something this goddamn heady through the studio system. The more films like this we bring into the mainstream, films that challenge and stimulate us (while still being immensely entertaining), the less likely scientists from the future will have to create Algorithms to send back through time to erase all of us for being such brainless morons.

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