Dune ★★★½

So David Lynch gifted us with his very own biblical epic and y'all laughed at him. May Muad'Dib forgive you.

I've never read Dune the book, but I've seen plenty of movie adaptations that take a book people love and then only put on screen what happens in the book without ever trying to capture how the book makes them feel. David Lynch - mostly - did the opposite.

I honestly couldn't give a Muad'damn about the plot, of which there is apparently a whole lot - some of which made it into the movie; but Lynch's emphasis on the psychology, the physicality and the spiritual and emotional anguish of the characters makes this a fascinating and visceral experience.

On a scale this large, there's no doubt that Lynch and his collaborators had to make compromises they regretted or resented; but what made it to the screen is not some eccentric goof. It's a serious and endlessly inventive attempt to conjure a new world into being. A new world, a new people; new beliefs, customs, ideas—and even gestures. One that - at its best - makes us appreciate just how strange a people we are ourselves.

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