Faces Places ★★★★★

Just watched this with my oldest kid (he's ten) and realized that it’s basically the greatest episode of Sesame Street ever.

He dug it. As with most things, I'll never know quite what about the movie really got to him, but he really loved when Agnes sang "Ring My Bell." Me, too.

Struck me as more sophisticated in its structure and just more deliberate formally on this revisit. Also just a potent celebration of work and art and life. Not to be underestimated.

And watching this the day after Varda passed is no words.

JR: You think about death?
AV: I think about it a lot. I'm not scared now, but maybe I will be when it comes. I'm looking forward to it.
JR: Why?
AV: Because that will be that.

We were so lucky to have her.

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