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  • Mulan



    no singing, no dragon. what! colors and cinematography on point though.!

  • The Tiger Hunter

    The Tiger Hunter


    not disappointed, not impressed either.

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  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    my god.
    I hate a lot of romance movies. There is something cliche in just about EVERY SINGLE FILM, and a lot of the relationships portrayed would be considered superficial and unreal.

    And then here I am, up at like 1 am, and decided to watch Before Sunrise again.

    Watching a romance movie (a genre I dont normally enjoy) at 1 am (a time where I am usually alseep) was a totally unexpected  and unwarranted decision for my standards, however,…

  • Moonlight



    having watched this before, I wasnt really able to find the appreciation that so many people find when it comes to Moonlight, until last night.

    This movie is gritty, and very real, drawn-out, and has a very somber tone, but towards the second act, I realized I had become absolutely mesmerized by this movie.

    The way the script was written was absolutely phenomenal. The second "chapter" studied Chiron very deeply, he was a very good depiction of gay black masculinity…