Loki ★★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

the best mcu show. many people dont realize but loki is one of the most important things in not just the mcu, but all of marvel, it basically set up the entire multiverse, meaning all sorts of things could happen, wolverine coming back, venom and morbius joining the mcu, tobey maguire and andrew garfield, literally anything. they could literally bring any character from any marvel movie back. so this show is more important than it looks and overall its hella good and i seriously enjoyed it. and seeing kang (or atleast another version of him) was pretty neat as he is the main villian of ant man and the wasp quantumania, oh yeah and also if anyone is pissed that he is in his human form it's because kang is actually human, his face isnt blue he's just wearing an armor and a mask, but i think we're still gonna see him with the whole blue face and overall comic accurate suit, cant wait for season 2 and what marvel has in store for us, they will most likely give us a no way home trailer this month.