Get Out

Get Out ★★★★★

"I'm TS-motherfucking-A. We handle shit." - Rod

haven't seen this film since it hit theaters and it felt like a long time honestly. but when i watched it everything came back to me and i remembered how amazing this was. Daniel Kaluuya was absolutely incredible in this film start to finish. the parts where he is under hypnosis make me think how can you pull this off as an actor? he's very good at doing his job and i think a lot of people know this but i can't express it enough. the plot of this film is super interesting and gets you thinking right out the gate when they arrive to the families home. i honestly forgot that he killed everyone in that house which is totally badass considering chris is just a normal dude and doesn't seem to be the killing type but he did what he had to do. it was a huge moment for Daniel Kaluuyas character and he had my buddy i was watching with on the edge of his seat. the music in the film is also amazing i love the additions of redbone etc. amazing acting all around from the cast and it all felt very coherent. there was never a dull or dragging moment in this film. a very fun watch especially after seeing NOPE.

"By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third term, if I could." - Dean 

Jordan Peele absolutely killed this one and i have some recency bias on NOPE but i love both of them. i prefer NOPE after watching Get Out but they're both amazing films and i could understand why someone would put this film at peeles best work. cant wait to see more from Jordan Peele in the future his work is something special and i love his work.

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