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This review may contain spoilers.

A lot of fun, and a damn nice superhero movie. It has a really likable and badass main character. It hits the usual notes entertainingly so and with a good sense of humor. Its full of good secondary characters, although some are not that well developed. And while Jude Law did a good job and i liked the relationship between Carol and Yon-Rogg, he was just ok as a villain, the biggest thing about him being the bad guy was the twist, which was good even if predictable.

Brie Larson knocks it out a of the park, just glowing with charisma, and making us love her character with a very disturbing amount of ease. The movie also uses its set on the 90's to add a few characters that we have seen before to make it feel more connected to the other movies and the time line overall.

Its a very light movie, and straightforward. Plus it make sense that the last movie we see before coming back to all the caos and carnage Thanos left, is something upbeat and connected to how everything started.

Its colorful, fun, has good effects, a badass and plain cool main character, hell even the young cgi face on Samuel L Jackson, was quite ok.

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