Midsommar ★★★★

It's the type of horror flick I always want to come across, and i fell in love with it pretty fast. From the the first scene it grabs you and not only leaves Dani on the emotional state she is going to be for the rest of the movie, but tells us and shows us, very well who she is and how her relationships work.

The rest of the movie is one hell of a trip pulling the characters into a an uneasy environment. that is as happy and full of light as is strange and uncomfortable. Letting the tension grow as we see Dani's ptsd grow and her becoming more vulnerable to people on the community.

The only moment when my suspension of disbelief was stretched a bit too much, was after the first big "incident" where probably most normal people would of wanted to leave that fucking place running, and having the other outsider couple react that way only made the main characters reactions more weird. Although that was the only big issue I had with the movie.

It deals with grief and isolation. We have a a main character that is desperately struggling to overcome a horrible tragedy but is unable to cope with the pain because she needs a support system but doesn't really have anyone to help her, ending trying to push all her grief back, instead of dealing with it .

The movie is extremely well acted, Florence Pugh is a fucking revelation in this, the other cast members are also good, but she just steals the movie completely.

I also love that the people on the cult are not that evil, sure they are incredible fucked up, but is not as other horror movies where an apparent nice person is later revealed to be a monster and all the niceness shown to be an act, they are genuinely that nice, and brutally emphatic, just also incredibly fucked up.

A great, tense, hard movie that is breathtakingly beautiful and disturbing.

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