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This review may contain spoilers.

The first time i saw the trailer for this i thought to myself, "so it's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 70's style?" which funny enough was all it had to do to sell me on it. And while they are similar movies, the tone is slightly of different, starting because i Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's was more consistent with the off narration, and also here the characters are a lot more flawed or at least bigger assholes. Marsh is an straight up conman and Healy will straight up murder your ass if he is angry enough, but that's the point they meet they work together and find some sense of hope, sure they don't win, the girl that they tried to protect dies and the bad guys get away with it, but at the end they are doing things differently, or at least trying to and that's kind of the point.

Some of the edits are rough, and the twists are easy to figure out, but the pace is good, the characters are endearing as fuck, and the whole thing in general is hilarious, with good, fast and clever jokes.

Both Gosling and Crowe are great in this, their chemistry is also very good, Angourie Rice is fine, she could of been an annoying character very easily, but thanks to the writing and her acting she is not, plus with the exception of the roof scene in the climax, she did a good job.

It has fun with the genre, and delivers something really interesting, the story is quite basic and with its fair share of cliches, but thats in part to have more focus on the characters, plus the ending makes up for it. Is never boring, always giving you great action and memorable dialogue, being easy to enjoy, smart, exciting and hilarious.

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