Us ★★★

God I wanted to adore this movie, and at times I got close, The direction is great, once things get going, the movie becomes intense as all hell, very much full of tension, the violence and menace of it are extremely well done, there is a sequence near the end that mixes music which what is happening in an excellent way, and is worth the price of the ticket alone, plus is very well acted, Lupita Nyong'o is exceptional in this in both roles, she is simply damn good. And both the acting and the direction are what really saves the movie for me.

My main issue with it, is that the writing feels almost unfinished at times, like a few more drafts could of really helped it. The first act drags a bit, it sets up things that later on will pay off in a big way but is obvious that they are only set up and the scenes alone are a bit plain. There is also the characters, and they are kind of meh, not really bad but I was hoping for them to be more fleshed out. There is also the humor, some of it works, but most of it fell flat for me, and took a way from really serious moments. And then is the explanation, is not a bad one, but is too vague, which isn't wrong either, they go more for emotional impact when they do those scenes and it works, at that moment, but later on the more you think about it the more wholes the thing has, and it takes away from what it was a good part of the movie.

Is good but it could of been amazing, thats what frustrated me about it.

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