Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

"I'll take my chance 'cause luck is on my side."

I feel a little ineligible to write something about this iteration since I didn't bother to see the 2nd Thor movie, nor do I remember much about the 1st one. And, until I learned Bruce Banner joined him this time, I didn't have a lot of impetus to get to the theater. In my defense, I have enjoyed the Avengers and I think I've seen all the other side movies, except that Dark World Thor, but overall, luck or no, Thor and Loki are nearly indestructible, so I have a hard time building up much concern for their overall safety and maybe that's why I passed on the one film. Yawn.

I am superhero saturated, but Banner's character is of interest beyond the brute strength. In fact it's his weakness and fears which make him so compelling. Great acting (from everyone) throughout helps a ton and happily, Waititi's fingerprints are idiosyncratically smudged all over the place and I am disarmed rather easily, as the continuous humor keeps me awake and tuned in.

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