That Thing You Do! ★★★★

This movie is the reason why I exclusively date drummers, well that and I have horrible taste in men ... sue me

Now while Guy may have been my childhood crush and the aforementioned love of drummers but Steve Zahn’s character ‘Lenny’ is what makes this movie such a pleasure to re-watch. He has arguably some of the best lines in the movie

I’ll rewatch the entire film just for the scene in which Lenny cracks subtle jokes about presidential flash cards and the bands name being the ’O-nedders’

I always forget how good the cameo’s are, Charlize Theron, Bryan Cranston, Paul Feig and Chris Issak! and thats not even including the Hanks family members, We want more Cameos dammit, MORE!!!

p.s. Do yourself a favour and never listen to New Found Glory’s cover of “That thing you do” unless your kink is disappointment