Tenet ★★★★½

Now this is a masterpiece. Nolan does it again! Sure, it was a little confusing at the beginning, but it cleared up around the middle with the explanations. I know a lot of people rag on about how nolan exposition dumps in his movies, but I honestly love it, really helps me understand the universe, and besides, it wasn’t even that heavy with the info. 

The whole inverted entropy is soooo smart. It’s actually pretty alright to follow if you treat the scenes like a line that you just go back and forth on. At least that’s how I did it.

Love how when the world is inverted, so is the music. On the topic of music, it is SO good. The visual effects for the inversion were also really cool, as were the inverted action scenes.

Another common criticism would’ve been the whole “ugh can’t hear what anyone’s saying blah blah”, just put subtitles on then, easy. The music slaps. I like it regardless of volume.

Gotta give a smooch for Neil and the Protag. Kat is also so hot. Holy shit. Also i did NOT realise Ives was ATJ. Anyhoo, it’s pretty cool how technically a sequel (or prequel?!) has already been set up, I wanna see more Protag and Neil missions together. But we know Nolan isnt really the guy to do sequels so oh well.

Rewatching should be fun! 

dad says 4/5, he watched it already, on his second watch he understood it better. He liked the science behind it. (so do I)

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