Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★

so stupid how i cried at only one (1) scene in this movie. really, it felt like a culmination of all the other times i could've possibly cried throughout this. it was towards the end, of course, so if you know, you know. somehow, that shot on adam, scarlett in the background, got me real good. the tears came out of nowhere. anyway, i probably would've given this five stars if i wasn't so affected by the cast still, so maybe if i rewatch it, i'll do it justice that time around. some familiar faces from the few shows i've managed to finish almost changed my mind, though. to merritt wever (unbelievable) and to mark o'brien (halt and catch fire). i am maybe the only person i know that stans the two of them and i could not be more proud of myself for shoving myself into such a niche.

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