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  • Sinners



    This is a screwy one. Sinners poses as a vigilante flick, but it focuses mostly on the lives of a cousin and two brothers. Al is a priest with a thing for a prostitute. Gino is hot tempered with a thing for their sister. Nino is a ladies man with a thing for their sister (his cousin), too. And, yes, they all moonlight as vigilantes, ridding the streets of pushers and thieves. It's screwy because it's a comedy.

    Don't expect an action film. It's definitely not that. But you'd be forgiven after looking at that cover.

  • The Phantom of the Opera

    The Phantom of the Opera


    I liked how the rat catchers not only invented the vacuum cleaner, but also the automobile. I doubt that was in Laroux's novel.

    Hated this movie in high school; I think I DNF'd it. Now, as an adult with much lower standards (and having seen Argento's equally absurd costume horror, Dracula 3-D), I found more enjoyment for the director's second swing at this classic story.

    Campy, comical, and grandiose - recommended purely as a curiosity.

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  • The Toxic Avenger

    The Toxic Avenger


    The only avenger that matters.

  • Girls Nite Out

    Girls Nite Out


    It never fails: every time I listen to The Ohio Express, I want to rewatch Girls Nite Out. Let me stress to you how on-point the soundtrack to this movie is. It's essentially non-stop golden oldies/bubblegum pop spun by an almost omniscient radio DJ who must never sleep. When Tommy James and the Shondells play over the basketball scene, I slump into a warm, fuzzy place for the remainder of the film. The music is just the tip of the…