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  • Killing Birds

    Killing Birds


    We all have a soul mate out there for us; mine is Killing Birds (don't tell my S.O.). The internet has not been kind to this Italian-helmed obscurity, especially since its Shriek Show DVD release under which it was dubiously titled Zombie 5. All sorts of expectations were not being met: it didn't have enough zombies, it wasn't like Hitchcock's The Birds, it didn't have zombie-birds like in Zombi 3 (a legitimately awful movie), or it didn't live up to…

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  • Retroactive



    I thought this movie’s fusion of desert road thriller with time warp science fiction was interesting. Overall, it's just okay. The non-stop action helped gloss over its weak story. Shannon Whirry was great, though. She really made her costars look like amateurs. I was already a fan, but now I see her in a whole new light. Shame her character dies several times (not a spoiler). And I have to think Jim Belushi's final moment in the film was an intentional homage to John, specifically a scene from The Blues Brothers, which was a very nice touch. Mildly recommended.

  • Monster in the Closet

    Monster in the Closet


    Monster in the Closet was my very first Troma movie. It has to be close to 20 years ago now, but who can forget their first time?

    I rented it from Hollywood Video's "cult" section which had its fair share of titles from this company, along with countless episodes of Twin Peaks and Dark Shadows. I was still a good kid and not renting any R-rated movies (though I had my ways of working around that) - this was rated…

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  • The Toxic Avenger

    The Toxic Avenger


    The only avenger that matters.

  • Blood Shack

    Blood Shack


    Carolyn Brandt worship. Artful wide shots of temperamental desert rats. Family fun at the rodeo. A spectre that haunts a dilapidated shanty on a barren ranch, sword in hand.

    Blood Shack feels like a very personal film. Ray Dennis Steckler photographs his ex-wife playing herself amidst a lifeless, dusty landscape in a way that is both admiring and wistful. The walls of the house are covered in posters of the pair's older movies like The Thrill Killers and Incredibly Strange…