Castle of Purity

Castle of Purity ★★★★★

A gem of Mexican cinema. Ripstein is Mexican Bunuel. Sexuality, religion, humanity and cruelty are some of the themes it portrays also machismo, unlimited power, sexual control and violence give rise to strange and cruel worlds that bloom behind the locked doors of private homes. It shows in a ruthless way how far human beings can go in order to impose their will with an idea that is nothing other than the result of many influences exerted by dogmas and models of perverse life that have been received throughout the history of humanity from various emitters. Everything works as a social metaphor where we see represented the functioning of authoritarianism, repression, the erroneous philosophy of moral supremacy, training as coercion and also all its contradiction. It seeks to immerse the viewer in that atmosphere of oppression and reflection. They function similarly to those of Godard's films such as "Breathless." They are calm, contemplative and burst with vehement and explosive moments. Fanaticism and madness bathe in the same source of purity. This film evokes a perverse fable about a father who confuses the concepts of utopia and madness.

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