Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★

‘is it better to speak or die?’

is it? upon rewatch, call me by your name opens up to me as a film spoken in whispers through the vein of elio’s angst as he stumbles through his coming of age. i am more captured by the broken fragments of his pouring heart than i am by the ‘romance’ with oliver, which is never as touching nor as melting to my soul as it seems to be for everyone else’s. i find myself tragically relating to elio’s character in the most raw and honest of ways, though inevitably the flickers of a tale that could be strung upon my heartstrings are fractured by the central relationship. perhaps it is because i am in some way aligned with elio’s aching mind that i am made to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable by oliver and a love that is predatory from his side. though i doubt i will ever truly love this as a romance, it has struck a chord in its portrayal of the teenage longing for love in life.

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