Emma. ★★★★½

beautifully shot. to describe it in a word would just be ‘wonderful’. love stories are written through the most dainty touches and painted across pastel floral landscapes. the brush of hands against hands - fingertips mingling - are caught with such a tenderness that they feel as if they have been sketched rather than filmed. everything is so perfectly soft, the humour sewing itself seamlessly into what is a warm and comforting reimagining of a book i had to drag myself through when i was forced to read it in school. i am so much more appreciative of the true romances between friends and within the self that i was prepared for the film to end after emma and harriet’s embrace. i fell in love with the subtle lens that the world of emma. is crafted through, the delicate touch igniting the characters to bare the most handsomest parts of their hearts.

first pride and prejudice, now emma. i’ll have to hope that the new 1984 adaptation doesn’t find me accidentally admiring orwell.

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