Short Term 12 ★★★★★

‘are you going crazy?’

if i stick my tongue out, i can taste the dust around me. it covers my skin in dull greys that stir to transparency. i don’t breathe life, i see it. in yellow flower beds that decorate a world outside train windows. in the shimmer of the soft blue sky as it pours sunset into bright warm smiles. it trickles past me, inches from my skin, in clouds of cherry laughs and blushing dreams that seep from glowing minds in busy streets. i feel it in the tender humanity that paints the words and whispers of short term 12; the tears that gloss my empty cheeks and plant a misplaced warmth in me. i feel it within desperate screams that slip under my body to help me feel my heartbeat. i feel it in a growing hope, with stems in hurt and and broken skin. maybe, one day, i’ll breathe it again.

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