Suspiria ★★★★★

Suspiria (1977) walked so Suspiria (2018) could RUN. 

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion but I think I like this more than the original. Mainly because it improves upon a lot of the issues the original had. Mainly with the story which feels a lot more engaging in this with an underlying mystery keeping the story interesting. I also think that the much longer runtime helps develop the characters, story and even build up the atmosphere a lot more. 

Weirdly this film improving upon what didn’t work in the original comes at the expense of some of the things that did in the original. Most obviously the unique use of bright and visually striking colours is swapped for a much more natural colour palette. Luca Guadagnino’s directing is still impeccable but unfortunately doesn’t give off the same atmosphere Argento’s did. Though this may have been intentional. 

As stated before, because of the longer runtime  the atmosphere is able to be built up a lot more and because of that ends up feeling a lot more effective. Like the original the horror mirrors that of a nightmare with some of the film’s imagery being deeply unsettling (especially  that scene with Olga and the ending). 

Suspiria (2018) is definitely not a shot for shot remake of the original, nor is it something that butchers the original’s tone and atmosphere. Rather it improves upon the original while also not departing too far from Argento’s vision. It’s a great example of what a horror remake should do. 

Deeply unsettling and narratively much more complex, Suspiria (2018) improves upon its predecessor and creates an experience akin to a nightmare.

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