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  • Tickled



    What's that old Philip Larkin verse - they fuck you up, your mom and dad/they may not mean to, but they do/they fill you up with all their faults and add some extra, just for you? You could plug and replace with "money" and it's kind of what's going on with the (eventual) subject of Tickled. There's nothing inherently shameful about a tickle fetish per se - consenting adults and all that - but if this documentary covers anything, it's…

  • Notorious



    There's a reason this stupid movie had the longest make-out scene in Hollywood for a while, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Ingrid Bergman or Cary Grant. This camera, y'all. This movie is in love with composition, light, shadow, the way that great visual storytelling can express a much deeper and more sinister idea just by showing you a cup of coffee. The virtuoso movements - going from upside-down to right-side up as a character shakes off a…

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  • North by Northwest

    North by Northwest


    If you'll indulge me, friends, I'd like to tell you about my proudest moment as an undergraduate. You see, having been given the infuriatingly delightful and dauntingly iconic North By Northwest as a group assignment, I picked up on the detail that basically the first thing we see Cary Grant do is steal a cab. He does it in an incredibly charming fashion, mind you, but he steals a cab. He's resourceful but self-interested, able to move fluidly through the…

  • Vertigo



    The first time you see Vertigo, you think it's a psychological thriller about Jimmy Stewart following Kim Novak around San Francisco.

    The second time you see Vertigo, you think it's a psychological thriller about Kim Novak leading Jimmy Stewart around San Francisco.

    The third time you see Vertigo, you think the PI story is the dressing - the grey suit, if you will. You realize Vertigo is really a psychological thriller about Jimmy Stewart's obsession.

    The fourth time you see…