Enola Holmes ★★★

I’m conflicted. On one hand, it had some good feminist statements and strong female characters, on the other time it’s half-baked and messy.

If I’m honest, I didn’t really want to watch this. I watched anyways though... and I have some thoughts. It felt like it was geared towards kids and yet there was a Scene that was definitely too dark to be in a kids movie... I assume it was an attempt to make the movie more mature, but it didn’t work for me.

The biggest twist in the movie came out of nowhere, not in a “i didn’t see it coming” way, in a “oh, they didn’t set this up at all so it makes no sense” I don’t know, the whole movie just felt like part of an idea that never fully was developed. 

The costumes weren’t very good, the characters weren’t very good, but the idea was there. I just wish it could’ve been a little better in execution. The general consensus is that we didn’t know what this movie was trying to be, and in all honesty I don’t think the movie itself knew what it was trying to be. Though, I’m not particularly disappointed because I wasn’t very excited in the first place.

I did not go in depth on costumes because I promised my sister I wouldn’t roast the costumes while watching the movie. With that said, I was internally judging and the costumes sucked.

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