Gremlins ★★★★½

Just to give you some backstory about the young Sara Jean — I was obsessed with this movie. I carried around my Gizmo doll with me everywhere (I actually still have it). We had a recorded VHS copy, which eventually got worn out because I watched it at least 200 times.

Now rewatching it with adult Sara Jean eyes — my favorite scene by far is the kitchen scene. The microwave, the blender, holy shit. Then she fucking dual wields two knives and gets attacked by a gremlin in the Christmas tree? Get out of here.

Then the bar scene. I still laugh at all of the different types of gremlins. Special shout out to the flasher, the one in the ski mask, and ESPECIALLY the breakdancer.

All that being said, I guess my main criticism is that it takes way too long for them to show up. The party starts in this movie when the shit hits the fan and I wish there was just more of it. Can't wait to rewatch Gremlins 2 tonight.

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