Suspiria ★★★★★

i can honestly say that everything about this movie is spectacular: the acting, the script, the cinematography, the SCORE, the pacing; it's a long movie, but every scene is so encapsulating and compelling that it never feels like things are happening too slow or too fast. while i am a massive fan of the color palette used throughout the original 1977 film, i appreciate that guadagnino didn't use the same excess of saturated color until the final act, which elevates the scene so well.

i love how the role of the doctor is more important than the audience (such as myself) may assume and that his character—who, i was recently informed by a friend, was ALSO played by actual primordial goddess tilda swinton—plays a part in one of the major themes of the film. another thing i was really surprised by was the arc of susie's character in the film, particularly in the final act which is... fucking WILD, to say the least; i really love the changes to her character and her dynamic with madame blanc from the original film.

all in all, i just really love this film and will 1000% be ignoring my pressing college responsibilities to go see it again in theaters.

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