Too Old to Die Young ★★★½

I'm sorry to say it, but I'm quite disappointed. It has probably the most powerful "Refn" imaginary and sure it's a worth voyage, but as someone said, it's too stuck up in its own ass. The metaphors are waaaaay too explicit (and quite simplistic to be fair). Plus I think that Aedipus complex has had its glory in the 60s and now it's time to move on. So please, Refn, I love you very much but stop it.
Moreover, I found the whole series kind of incomplete (characterwise and plotwise) and with a running time of 13 hours, I think it is a problem. While it really involved me around ep 7 and 8 (probably the best episodes), the last two episodes were kinda pointless, except they explicated once more the ideology of the series (at that point we already got it, so no need for that).
So, I'd say that I really liked it, I loved its slow pace, it's aesthetics, the magnificent soundtrack, but it could have been a way more interesting and groundbreaking experience.
As for now, the throne of western tv series will belong to Twin Peaks: The Returns (I specified "western tv series" because there is always Neon Genesis Evangelion that preatty much shits on the head of everything else).