Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★½

Aesthetically but also substantially so different from the first one, yet so genius! The screenplay, again, unravels in a clever reverse manner in the second act to then return to the current events, which leads to shocking plot twists, and fills the whole thing with an enormous amount of tension. In a not so subtle way, just like Knives Out, Glass Onion satirizes the rich, the privileged, the opportunists – maybe not as effectively as you wish it would. Unfortunately, while Daniel Craig‘s Benoit Blanc might be my favorite role of his, our other characters here aren’t stylized enough to be actual caricatures, neither are they gritty enough to not be – so is the entire, hilarious world Glass Onion introduces us to. But once you get over that: pure, joyful entertainment, packed with allusions!

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