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  • The Martian
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  • Thor: Love and Thunder


  • Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

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  • X-Men: The Last Stand

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  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    Refreshing to get a marvel project that feels kind of self contained. Just an entertaining superhero movie that’s under two hours (!).

    Was really cute to get a big laugh from the Ketchikan crowd for the “drinking town turned tourist destination” line. 

    The music felt kind of blah, I think they backed themselves into a corner with the sheer amount of Guns N Roses. Like, cool and yes sometimes even effective but not really note worthy to me. To the…

  • Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

    Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

    I just love this man so much 

    In another life I’m a skateboarding champ. In this one I’m afraid to fall and hurt myself even when simply sitting in a chair

Popular reviews

  • Scream



    ~the mysterious case of Dewey’s disappearing and reappearing limp!

    Entirely too meta for my taste. I understand that that’s the whole point but nothing about this was clever enough to make up for how heavy handed everything else was. 

    The nods to horror that I did enjoy were: 
    The few wacky camera maneuvers. Classic. Enjoyable. 
    And the, “oh god he’s going to be behind the open cupboard,” fake outs which I did NOT fall for because I am simply on…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    Listen. I am not a DC stan. But I cannot explain to you the vice grip this movie has on me right now. Literal pure joy the entire way through even when they killed my favs. I can’t wait to rewatch this in approximately 24 hours. Needless to say, The Suicide Squad (2021) owns my ass. 

    (very excited to get a new movie featuring Harley Quinn just in time for Halloween)