"you have a very interesting face! ever think about getting into moving pictures?"

Favorite films

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Baby Driver
  • The Fall
  • Martin

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  • Baby Face


  • I'll Remember April

  • Sherlock, Jr.

  • The Gore Gore Girls


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  • The Gore Gore Girls

    The Gore Gore Girls


    this movie plays jump rope with the line of being genuinely funny or being terrible

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    john wick movies truly just get more fun and insane but in a way that's not too cheesy!

    there were a couple sequences were keanu reeves gets down on his back and fights with his legs or just holds them against someone (which maybe is effective, i don't know shit about fighting) but all i could think of was the john mulaney bit of "he's not gonna know what to do with two little sneakers coming at him!!"

    also i'm sure it doesn't need to be said but god mr. nobody is so sexy

Popular reviews

  • Creepshow



    as always, tom savini my beloved!!!!

    this was so much fun!!

    also was getting major bill hader vibes from stephen king without his glasses in his segment!

  • Trainwreck


    i suffered through two hours of amy schumer for bill hader and bill hader alone. worth it? ehhhh. for bill hader, sure.