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  • The Philadelphia Story

    The Philadelphia Story

    all Tracy Lord wants is to be loved and treated humanly. 💞

  • A Secret Love

    A Secret Love


    I just really love other queer women. All queer people. Lesbians for sure.

    Pat's love is ferocious. So is Diana's. In different ways but wow, fucking incredible.

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  • Shirkers



    I am SO fucking in love with this film. My excitement for it and director Sandi Tan is off the walls - WHAT an incredible woman. Her passion is so fucking rad, her love of film and boldness is what I inspire to be. She's so fucking punk. I'm so grateful for her voice - and goddamn, what a pioneer of independent Singaporean cinema!!! I pray we get to see the initial 'Shrikers' one day - it is GORGEOUS. UGH. I am so driven by her, Jasmine Ng, and Sophia Harvey. They should be respected as icons, just like Lynch or Wenders.

  • Knock Down the House

    Knock Down the House


    AOC is the new RBG.

    I mean that in the best way possible - in a time of absolute despair, where nothing makes sense, this documentary takes reality and it feels like you're watching a Cinderella fairytale in real time. I'm almost dumbfounded by the way the film unfolded. You could not have written it better.

    It is so incredible what the people of America can achieve. To paraphrase AOC, "it takes a hundred of us to fail to have one of us succeed." God bless these women who try.