A Ghost Story ★★★★½

I went in with high expectations and I was not let down and it has cemented itself as one of my favourites of this year. It took a while to warm to, but by the end I was completely captivated. Not only by the fantastic performances but the wonderful music, right down to the weird but poignant imagery of the Ghost just watching and waiting, matched with the wonderful bleak colour palette used throughout his sequences.
A film which presents itself as a visual art piece and is as much about what you take into it as what you take out of it. It's a 1hr30 art piece which really takes it's time to get it's point across but gets so many ideas across in its short running time, it left such an impression on me and almost feels double its running length as it wants you to feel every moment on screen.
In an age where dialogue and exposition are grossly overused this really takes it level that fits the film perfectly. This film could have easily had zero dialogue and it still would have worked.
A Ghost Story scratched the itch in my brain of issues of existentialism, nihilism and despite covering these dark areas the film felt so warm and comforting to me. Films try so hard to have a heart but this does it so effortlessly.

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