Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

I was optimistic of this movie when first announced, sure we don't need a Solo origin story but in the right hands it could have been good. Given all the behind the scenes problems and lack of promotion it's obvious they didn't have a lot of faith in it and this is just patched together so they could release it on time and keep the cash cow rolling.

It's not terrible it's just about watchable but it feels so unnecessary. It takes zero risks and is full of lazy writing. everyone in cast does a surprisingly good job, but it really does nothing to stand out story wise.

It's a little less obnoxious when it comes to relying on references and nostalgia, but it still feels the need to throw one scene in just to pander to fans and give people at least one thing to talk about after the movie.

It's by far the worst output we've had in the new Star Wars era, after the end of the current trilogy I’m sure we're going to see endless origin stories from characters from the OT, to keep that nostalgia money coming in but who knows how long that will last considering how much this under performed. Hopefully they learn from this and hire directors they believe in and give them time to mould their vision. James Mangold is at least a solid choice for the Boba Fett movie.

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