Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Donnie Darko for the social-media age.
The Long Goodbye for YouTube conspiracies.

I wonder why people dislike this with such a seemingly boiling passion?

Genuinely impressive in how refreshing a story about images and patterns nails its motifs and themes throughout; the visual aesthetic for this film is perfect for what it sets out to be.
Moody, neon, dark, dirty, suspicious, alluring. There are moments in the film that feel straight out of a bad mushrooms trip. There are moments of genuine terror. Where the next clue sends him, however, is always the most exciting fear of all.

Hollywood. The Glitz. The Glamour. Absolutely gorgeous glimmers of light surrounded by overwhelming enveloping shadows, Hollywood at night looks exactly how it actually IS. The question is, how will you justify it all when it becomes too much?