Malignant ★★★★

Usually when I watch something I'm constantly jotting down notes so I'll have something for a write-up later. My short term memory is like a sieve and doesn't hold onto anything I'm watching all that well unless I have something to look at and help recollection later, especially if I constantly have new images/sounds/other parts of the movie coming at me. I gave up on that a couple minutes into Malignant and just enjoyed what I was watching and seeing where it would go. I had so many theories on wtf was going on and I was wrong on all of them! I got close but never nailed it, and that's always such a welcome surprise, considering how many things I watch and how often I'm able to call the twists pretty early on. Good on you, James Wan.

I did write one thing down:



Also what a perfect name. I'll write more on rewatch, cause I will be rewatching this!

This was on the top of my watchlist with the note of "new James Wan! + everyone whose tastes I share loves it + people not even on LB are recommending it to me" and it's true, people were comin' out of the woodwork to tell me to watch it cause they thought I'd love it. They were right!

Practical Effects

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