The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★½

“some people were born just so they could be buried”

i never thought i’d see tom holland kill someone, but here we are.

there’s a lot to unpack here. i loved this movie because there were so many different aspects of it. it was kind of creepy, violent & weird. overall, it was really interesting. it had a way different vibe than i thought it would.

everyone’s acting was so good (especially tom??? like i never thought i’d hear him have like a western accent lol) and the conflict was so intriguing. i guess i couldn’t ask for anything more. i’m definitely a fan of this one. i was hoping it would be good because i was waiting for it for so long.

it did seem to run a little long though. definitely not a lighthearted movie, but give it a watch. i love the concept! :)

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