Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

Frances Ha perfectly captures the life of a young adult who has finished college and lacks a clear direction in life. Young Frances navigates through New York, without her own place she sees herself staying at various friends' apartments while she tries to make it as a professional dancer.

First of all, I couldn't help but smile for most of this. The Frances character is extremely likable, and as a guy who just moved to another city to start my studies it's easy to relate to her. She's basically what I would be like if I was more outgoing and outspoken. Her quirkiness and moments of rather severe social awkwardness leads to quite a few genuine laugh out loud moments. Greta Gerwig, who also co-wrote the movie, fits the role perfectly, and delivers with true authenticity.

The beautiful black and white photography captures New York as I love it, in a way that's reminiscent of Woody Allen and the French New Wave. I could easily see myself living in Brooklyn as a slacker, living the lives that are being lived in Frances Ha, if it could be in black and white that would be even better.

Frances Ha isn't a perfect movie, but is a real feel-good film with a huge rewatch potential. Maybe I will throw on an extra half star next time. I liked this a lot!

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