Glengarry Glen Ross ★★★★

Glengarry Glen Ross has an all-star cast if I ever saw one. Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin and Ed Harris play four real-estate salesmen, with their jobs on the line. And if that wasn't enough star power we also have Kevin Spacey playing their boss, Alec Baldwin holding one of the best motivational business speeches I've ever seen and Jonathan Pryce and Bruce Altman in more minor roles.

And being given a tight and exciting script all of these actors deliver superb performances. It's a film that keeps your interest high throughout the entire runtime, with interesting dialogue, well-written characters and perfect pacing. Much like the subway train that's ever-present, the film strides forward at an even pace, taking its time when necessary but delivers you safe and sound at the end of your destination.

Glengarry Glen Ross is a very entertaining film, extremely well-made with an interesting plot. No surprise that the acting should be its biggest strength, and it could be watched for the cast alone. Thankfully, there are more strengths to this as well, and in the end it's a very good film with high rewatch potential.