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  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    Rank Value: 57

    2022 Ranking

    MCU Ranking

    Multiverse of Madness embraces the best elements of Sam Raimi and the worst elements of the MCU to deliver what I found an uneven, frustrating, and fun enough journey of chaos and control. The film is at its best when it settled in the grotesque, heartfelt, or character driven moments as Sam Raimi nails the distinct style and visualizations. It works incredibly well when pushing the boundaries with the brutality which racks up…

  • The Bad Guys

    The Bad Guys


    Rank Value: 75

    2022 Ranking

    The Bad Guy's predictable but slick execution delivers a fun, fastpaced, and genuinely heartfelt crime caper. While I wont say the humor and storytelling didnt match the amazing animation style, it more than made up for it with some genuinely laugh out loud moments, the great characters, sharp editing, and resonate themes about friendship, family, and goodness. Sam Rockwell is spectacular as the Big Bad Wolf, and the rest of the cast is great at…

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  • I Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Know What You Did Last Summer


    Rank Value: 66

    I Know What You Did Last Summer may not be the most original or well made horror films but nonetheless has plenty of redeeming qualities with its killer score, good characters, and touching themes exploring the effects of traumatic experiences. The film knows exactly what it is trying to be and for that I had such a great viewing experience. The silliness that ensues with stupid decision making makes for plenty of laugh out loud moments as…

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    Rank Value: 84

    Top Gun soars above its uneven execution and melodramatic moments to deliver a fast paced thrill-ride with a rockin soundtrack and enough emotional stakes to supply attachment to the characters and story. Tom Cruise is outstanding in the role of Maverick, a swagger, loyal, reckless, and stubborn fighter pilot with plenty of complexities to make a compelling character. The exploration of his character arc perfectly aligns with the established themes of comraderie, honor, and committment that I…

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  • Tenet



    90/100 Excellent

    Agree or disagree with the film, you have to at least admit that something different was attempted with the film. For me, I thought the film satisfied me very much. I'm usually not too big into spy films and I thought this was an awesome film for the genre.

    The film does an excellent job bringing a twist on a story that people would be familiar with. The time inversion elements were brilliantly implemented for some excellent action…

  • Inception



    100/100 Flawless

    Inception is a film I needed quite a bit of time to process before writing this review. The end result still leaves me baffled that I haven't seen this sooner. I'd like to thank Amazon Prime for making it possible for me to watch it finally. Everything about this film is mindblowing for how much it succeeds. It has many elements that many films could only handle one at a time and this really manages to bring it…