Nope ★★★★½

Rank Value: 88

2022 Ranking

Nope in my books is another banger from Jordan Peele and my second favorite in his filmography so far. One of the most heartpounding experiences I have ever had in a theater thanks to the exceedingly well-established tension and Peele's direction. In my opinion some of the best cinematography of the year supported by stunning visual effects, intricate editing, and incredible performances across the board. Slowly builds on the story which may not be the most obvious in terms of thematic quality and character development but for me really landed. Really expresses the dangers of obsession and exploitation of tragic events which layed the foundation for some effectively disturbing moments. Daniel Kaluuya was fantastic but for me Keke Palmer completely stole the show with her performance. Steven Yeun, while a bit underutilized, dominated every second he was on screen with his effectively terrifying performance. Third act went a little too crazy but didnt bother me too much to detract my engagement in the film. I cannot express enough how much I loved this film. Well worth checking out on the big screen.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

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