Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

78/100 Great

Yet another film that has so many highs but quite a bit of lows. That's what I would have said upon the first watch. Some problems I had with it didn't bother me as much. Some of the things I loved I appreciated more.

The film itself is a really well made film. It just isn't the Star Wars film we come to expect. I actually like that it's different. Theres not too many lightsaber battles but I loved every sequence. The throne room fight being well choreographed and beautifully shot. The final confrontation between Kylo and Luke having so much satisfaction for alot that happened before. The twist at the end being a surprising one. I'll say the way they they end Luke's story at the very end wasnt the best. This time around didn't bother me as much this time.

It did a really good job exploring these characters. Not every choice was the best with the screenplay. The whole scene with Leia is still ridiculous. The Hacker Storyline wasn't very engaging. I didn't like how the hacker played into the story. The twist with his character was too predictable. Aside from some other decisions with Luke's character and I think the rest of the film is well done. I like most of these characters and the exploration of some of their connections. I love Luke's arc in the story. Many can find it a bit too much but I think it added a deeper layer to his character. His burden with Kylo Ren and the temple was well explored. His disconnection from the force and his return having so much payoff by the end of the film. I also love the direction with Rey and Kylo. The scene in the theoneroom being a really good sequence between these characters. The connection with the force, while not deeply explored, was a really interesting concept.

I really love how good this film looks. It has some of the best Cinematography of all the Star Wars films. The final sequences being the most beautifully shot sequences in the film. The capturing of the action was really good. With all the fighter sequences being the best directed.

I know that this film has its fans. I'm happy to be in that camp because this film gets too overlooked in my opinion. Really enjoyed this film more upon rewatch.

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