Tenet ★★★★½

92/100 Excellent

2020 Ranking

What I liked:
- Second watch and the movie still delivers what I wanted and more. The plot is grand scale and has plenty of elements that deviate from other movies like it. The movie is an overall blast.
- Score of this movie is incredible. Really elevates many of its sequences like when we first meet Elizabeth Debicki's character.
- The sound design for the most part is really good. The muffling of sound whether it be by the masks or sound based on location is really cool. I understand that it can be hard to hear at times, but I wasn't bothered by it very much.
- The attention to detail, with the time elements and important key character moments, is amazing. I noticed quite a bit more hints to the twists than I did before. All of our main characters, like Neil, get a twist that while hard to follow pays off earlier dialogue and sequences. The final twist with the Protagonist is also a great example.
- Nolan takes full advantage of the time elements with the action set pieces. Sequences like the airport fight, the car chase, and the final battle are shown in many perspectives that surprisingly don't feel too repetitive.
- The performances from our cast are really great. Kenneth Branagh took a bit to adjust to, but I did come around. John David Washington was really good as our main character.

What I'm mixed about:
- A couple of characters who come and go without too much explanation. They could have just been cut out and nothing too big would have changed.

What I disliked:
- A couple of times where the sound is far too loud to hear anything. I thought I could catch what they talked about this time around; however, I still didn't catch anything.

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