Malignant ★★★★

Malignant won't be everyone's cup of tea - but it wouldn't be as good if it were. For mainstream horror, this is pretty deranged, and it's admirable how unapologetically campy and silly it gets. James Wan has made a souped-up 90s DTV horror flick that looks stylish but still retains a playfully trashy spirit under the surface. There are a few flaws that are hard to overlook, mostly whenever the film unironically leans into any of the "emotional" material between the sisters, and it's too long. I still don't know how James Wan got a major Hollywood studio to bankroll this and not balk at the material.

It's hard to talk about it much more since I don't want to give away anything - part of the fun is going in cold and getting strung along by the film as it continuously charts new courses throughout the runtime - but there's definitely a FilmFisher article waiting in the wings...

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